ASCIIMathML-SVG A demonstration of Newton's method.

If `f(x)` is a differentiable function, with derivative `f'(x)`, and we want to find approximate solutions to `f(x)=0`, then we can follow the approach Newton took: Start with an initial approximation `x_1`, calculate the tangent line to `f(x)` through the point `(x_1,f(x_1))`, and find the point where this line cuts the `x`-axis. Since the tangent line is an approximation to `f(x)` near `x_1`, this point is usually a better approximation for a solution to `f(x)=0`, so we call it `x_2` and repeat the process.

The equations of the tangent line is `y-f(x_1)=f'(x_1)(x-x_1)`, so we let `y=0` and solve for `x`.

`=> 0-f(x_1)=f'(x_1)(x-x_1)` `=> x-x_1=(-f(x_1))/(f'(x_1))` `=> x=x_1-(f(x_1))/(f'(x_1))`

Therefore `x_2=x_1-(f(x_1))/(f'(x_1))`, and when we repeat this process with `x_2`, we get `x_3=x_2-(f(x_2))/(f'(x_2))`. So, in general, the formula for Newton's method is `x_(n+1)=x_n-(f(x_n))/(f'(x_n))`.

p = [];
for (var x = -3; x < 3+.01; x += 0.1) p[p.length] = [x, x*x*x-2];
stroke = "red";
xn = [0,1];
stroke = "blue";
`x_1=` x
`x_2=` x
`x_3=` x
`x_4=` x
`x_5=` x
`x_6=` x
`x_7=` x
`x_8=` x
`x_9=` x

Move the pointer over the graph to see what happens with other initial values. Note that if the function has local maxima and minima below (or above) the `x`=axis near the root we are trying to approximate, then the procedure can have difficulties finding the root.

Here is the ASCIIsvg code that produces the interactive picture.

function update() {
  for (var i = 1; i < 10; i++) {
    if (xn[i] != NaN) {
      fxi = xn[i]*xn[i]*xn[i]-2;
      fpxi = 3*xn[i]*xn[i];
    if (fpxi != 0) xn[i+1]=xn[i]-fxi/fpxi;
    else xn[i+1] = NaN;
    if (xn[i] != NaN) {
      if (xn[i+1] != NaN) line([xn[i],fxi],[xn[i+1],0],"tangent"+i);
  xn[1] = xcoord;

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